Best Satyameva Jayate Aamir Khan Song

Aamir Khans, Satyameva Jayate makes revolution in Indian TV and it remains as the Perfect Dose to the Indian Viewers, by making them felt to be more Indian and to respect each and every Citizen. Here are the Best of Satyamev Jayate Songs for you to Sing a Lot ! 

  • Satyamev Jayate : Theme Song
  • Sakhi
  • Rupaiya
  • O Ri Chiraiya
  • Jal Na Jaye Jal
  • Maati Bole
  • Aye Zindagi Full Song
  • Ghar Yaad Aata Hai Mujhe
  • Ghar Yaad Aata Hai Mujhe

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