5 Things you must look into before buying a new Android Smartphone

Its the Time that You want to Purchase your new Android Smartphone, or you want to upgrade to a future smartphone. Before you get into searching Flipkart, Ebay, and other Mobile Online Stores to make a decision of your own on the basis of Buyers Reviews and other ratings, its the time to look into these 5 must have things you need in an Android Smartphone,

  1. Android Version : For the Best use of your smartphone bet for Android version latest and for todays senario Jelly Bean 4.1.1
  2. Camera - Check out for the Camera with atleast 5 mega pixel for a better snaps. Remember you can use the Google Plus Events and Facebook snaps only when you get the best images and upload to the online medium. After all its all about online when it comes to have a smartphone.
  3. Screen Quality : The Quality of your Screen should be no less than 720p HD resolution. If you can afford , do lobby on for the 1080 Full HD experience on a screen with pixcel density of 250dpi at least.
  4. CPU and Processing speed-   Dual Core Processor is preferable for all the features discussed here. So go for a Dual core and atleast 1.2 Ghz .
  5. Location Technology : This is a must have feature to look upon as your Smartphone depends lots on the Location tracing system as it comes with 3g/3.5g or 4g connectivity and the Google Maps are the default setup. Check out for GLONASS Satellite system with the GPS if available. 

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