2X Battery Saver Android App Download

The Most Popular Battery Saver Apps in Android platform can be downloaded from Google Play store here.

2x Battery saver App
Does the phone run out of battery quickly? Does the phone always die at crucial moment? This app extends many extra hours to the battery life by managing Internet connection intelligently and in the background.
*** Over 8,000,000 Downloads! ***

You don't need to manually turn on/off the Internet connection anymore. This app extends battery life by using a smart algorithm to turn on/off the Internet connection, reduce battery consumption and data usage, but still keep the important background data synchronized.

  • 1. Auto manage 3G/4G/WiFi connection in the background
  • 2. Show battery level and usage in the status bar
  • 3. Efficient & easy to use

The App Requires Android Version 2.2 and above
* Optional modes that is easy to choose
* Visualized battery status on main page
* Save more than 50% battery
* Extend the battery working life
* Battery consumption list of real-time running items
* Simple, interactive and helpful tutorial
* Notice of how to use battery better
Language Support

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